Almost 1 in 5 mums-to-be are smoking through their pregnancy…

Almost twice as many women in the Ilkeston and Long Eaton areas are smoking through their pregnancy when compared to the national average.

Smoking during pregnancy and immediately after having the baby harms both the baby and mother. It is a major factor of low birth weight and many other health issues.

Did you know that smoking 1 cigarette in pregnancy…

  • Is like putting your baby in a smoke-filled room for 15 minutes
  • Makes your baby breathe 4,000 chemicals
  • Contributes to the increased risk of cot death by 25%
  • Causes your baby’s heart to beat harder

How much do you know about smoking and pregnancy?

1. Quitting is stressful, and that stress is worse for the baby than smoking.

If at any time you want to discuss stopping smoking you can always talk to your midwife for friendly advice on the best way to achieve your goal

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For support and advice on how to quit smoking the Live Life Better Derbyshire provides support to pregnant women to stop smoking.

A Day in the Life of Julie, Pregnancy Stop Smoking Adviser

A Day in the Life of Julie, <span>Pregnancy Stop Smoking Adviser</span>

My day starts arriving at a clinic venue to see a newly referred pregnant woman, “Samantha”. Samantha has been referred by her community midwife, who had carried out a routine carbon monoxide reading which showed the woman to be a smoker. Samantha explained that she had been trying to cut-down since finding out she was pregnant but was struggling as her partner also smoked.

As is often the case she was quite apologetic for being a smoker; most women understand the risks of smoking in pregnancy, but as with many smokers, quitting is not so easy. I reassured her that she was now taking positive steps to stop smoking and she was doing the best for her baby. I asked dad-to-be if he was prepared to stop smoking; unfortunately, at the moment he isn’t ready but said he would consider it later on. Having another smoker in the house often makes it much more difficult for pregnant women to stop smoking, however, I know that many partners do end up quitting and support their partners in their quit attempt. I always find this encouraging and it really helps with me seeing them as often as I do, as I can keep nudging them in the right direction.

After going through how the service will support Samantha and setting a quit day, I see a couple of women who are at various stages of their pregnancy and quit. They are both doing very well with their quit attempt; both have quit for many weeks and are finding it relatively easy. We can equip women to have the best possible chance of quitting through the support they get from the service and the Nicotine Replacement Therapy products.

I find my work on smoking in pregnancy particularly rewarding. I see it as two lives that potentially have been saved, whose quality of life has been improved, risk of illness reduced and overall a happier, healthier family life achieved.